What is important for you on a role-playing-game?

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To the advanced poll  ( recommended )

Simple Poll:

To what do you pay attention when you play a RPG?

    Graphics ( Retro )
    Graphics ( Modern )
    Magic stuff ( yes )
    NPCs ( and their interaction )
    To come to success very quickly


    max. length: 2000
    e mail adress: ( for any contact )

Advanced Poll:


    There should be fixed classes
    There shouldn't be fixed classes
    There should be cutscenes
    There shouldn't be cutscenes

Story, Quests:

    Story ( just thrilling and interesting )
    Story ( logic and realistic )
    Story ( must be fantasy )
    Many different Quests
    Profitable Quests ( even if they're simplified )
    I've nothing against "collecting-quests"
    NPCS should react to my actions

Length of the game:

    Main-story should be long ( more than 40h )
    Main-story should be moderately long ( 15-40h )
    Main-story should be short ( less than 15h )
    Game should be endless
    Game should have an end
    Quests shouldn't take a long time
    Quests can still take a long time ( = more extensive )


    Graphics ( Retro )
    Graphics ( good modern quality )
    Should be 3D
    Should be 2D
    Doesen't matter wether 3D or 2D
    There should be an ego-perspective
    There shpuld be an 3rd-person-view

Gameplay and using:

    There should be a multiplayer-mode ( local or global )
    Simple interface ( easy to learn )
    Extensive interface ( more difficult to learn )
    Easy combat-system ( easy to learn )
    Extensive combat-system ( more difficult to learn )
    Round-based battles
    Real-time battles

Magic and spells:

    There should be magic
    There should be a spelltree
    There should be many spells ( more than 150-200 )
    There should be less spells ( less than 150 )
    You shouls create your own spells
    There should be no magic

Was ist euch allgemein an Spielen wichtig ( egal welches Genre )?

    Much action
    Calm gameplay
    Logic story, setting, etc.
    Known elements from other games
    Many functions
    Quick gameplay ( fast sequence of actions )
    Slower gameplay ( time to explore, etc. )
    Quickly reached successes
    Good atmosphere that fits into the game


    max. length: 2000
    e mail adress: ( for any contact )

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